Whisky Tastings

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© alexeytestov.com

Herrenzimmer. It's so much more than a Whisky tasting, Spirit Still's home in Germany.

Since 2013, on many Fridays, a wonderful combination of the best Single Cask Whiskies, a Scottish-Bavarian snack "Brotzeit", an authentic ambience at the Herrenzimmer, music and fun has delighted our customers. We receive the best compliments from our customers and are always fully booked many weeks in advance. We would be pleased to welcome you one day. You can book a tasting or the Herrenzimmer for your own event at Maennerladen.de

© alexeytestov.com
© alexeytestov.com

Warehouse Tastings

Knighted at Tamdhu

With the Maennerladen Scotland Tour 2017 we visited our friend Sandy McIntyre at Tamdhu again. After a grandiose tour, also trough the old maltings, which are already demolished now, we went to the warehouse. Sandy then allowed me to open and share out one of his treasures. There was also a mysterious Whisky at the end, so Sandy made us feel to be knighted as Tamdhu Knights. Thank you very much Sandy McIntyre!

An unforgettable experience with Cadenhead

With the Maennerladen Scotland Tour 2016 we made an unforgettable warehouse tasting with Cadenheads. Unique casks were opened and tasted. Thanks to Cameron McGeachy!

Whisky Dinner

Fantastic food to finest Whiskies

We developed our own approach on savouring finest Whiskies to a multi-course menu and you should also once experience this. Johann our bavarian piper gives the attendees a special blessing on their way home. All of us enjoyed an unforgettable evening.