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My name is Markus Hunger and as the Managing Director of Spirit Still I extend you a very warm welcome to my website.


After a decade as a Whisky enthusiast I started with Whisky tastings, focused on single cask bottlings, in 2013. Since then thousands of customers visited my tastings, that are still fully booked, on three Fridays a month, at ten months each year.


After getting connections and friends in the scottish Whisky industry I was excited about the opportunity to buy matured casks, or fill my own casks with spirits of my most loved distilleries.


Buying and filling more and more casks of Whisky, it was time to make it a company on it's own in 2015. So I pondered over the words "Spirit Still", with all their ambiguity, and decided that no other company name would match better to describe my attitude and way of life to my customers and to the "Water of Life". 


Four years later with a good stock of casks I released my first own bottlings during the year 2018 over distribution into the german market.


Make yourself a picture of my range and don't hesitate to contact me.

Slàinte mhath!